Monday, October 6, 2008

JustHome-i (Islamic financing)

JustHome-i (Islamic financing) can help you face the future with increased confidence.

You seek the benefits of flexible rates and the security of fixed rates

  • Seek a home financing that shields you from unexpected rate increases?
  • Looking for a home financing that answers your spiritual needs?
  • At Standard Chartered, you can expect to enjoy all these and more!

We bring you the flexibility and security of JustHome-i (Islamic financing).

JustHome-i (Islamic financing) is designed to remove the concerns of unexpected increases in the Base Lending Rate (BLR). With this home financing, you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the fixed ceiling rate ensures your commitments can be easily met.

How JustHome-i (Islamic financing) works for you …

Your benefits

  • An Islamic financing facility based on Syariah principles
  • Based on buy and sell concept which includes a profit margin agreed by both parties
  • Available to all Muslims and Non-Muslims


  • Enjoy the security of fixed rates to protect yourself from rising financing cost (BLR)


  • Enjoy the benefits of a flexible rate, giving you the advantage of potential long-term savings

What You Can Do Next...

  • Find out about eligibility requirements and documentation needed here.